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Janni Lipponen
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Just call me "Hukka" :-)

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First my dear Anttu-chan :heart::heart:

1.) Post the rules.
2.) Post 8 facts about your character.
3.) Tag 8 other characters.
4.) Post their names along with their creators avatars

(There's no reference pic, but you can see his desing and nature in the comic xD)

The character: Shiba from my comic One Shibas Tale
I am jumping to other characters too, because Shiba is just a normal puppy, nothing special of him xD
And I do not want to give ya spoilers!!!!

1. I invented Shiba when I was 13-14 years old I believe. I made a short animated series of him (in finnish) in YouTube and that is why I got "famous" at the group of finnish canine artist. It was just named "Shiba" (dear Heavens...). I do not know why the hell I named a Shiba Inu puppy as Shiba, I hate his name and I don't like the breed, but... :D I was planning to make him an Lapponian herder but one named SHIBA?! ... God damn!

2. I won't tell any secrets of him here, because you'll see them all in the comic. But he has a father named Khael. His mother died in some dicease when Shiba was just a pup. She really doesn't remember her mother like at all, and because his father isn't there for him he has taken his babysitter Gewalt the White Wolf as his father. These two have a special bond between each other.

5. Also Shiba has one sister and two brothers, also puppies of Khael. I do not know yet what breed mix they are, because I don't want the mother to be a Shiba Inu too. Some pointy eared, but not any japanese xD The names are not made yet and I can't remember the ones they had in the original story. They were adult and one was having floppy ears lol xD

6. Rico was originally the main bad guy in the comic, but I wanted to give him a role between the good and bad. The new leader of the old pack Shiba and his father were is a Kangal Dog, who is manipulated by Gewalts maniac brother Dokuro the Black Wolf. Ricos friend Hunter was also at the old series, but was killed by Gewalt. I do not remember what happened to Khael, but at the very beginning he stepped away from the series...? o_o

7. I am enjoying drawing the comic, because Shiba is a fun character. I love the Disneyic style I have in the story and the style. I want this comic to teach people that friends and family are all that matter and you can survive from everything if you have people around you. Also from attacks of an insane black wolf. Also I am so positively suprised how famous this comic became!!! Kinda I am sad that people don't do fanart of it, but it's okay.

8. Shiba comic will be kinda short, I believe it's in it's half way now. Or close to it. I know what will happen and the ending will be kinda cliche, but every endings are xD



1.) Post the rules.
2.) Post 8 facts about your character.
3.) Tag 8 other characters.
4.) Post their names along with their creators avatars

Golpear Ende
Golpear Ende ref. by Hukkahurja

1. Golpear is one of my oldest and dearest RPG-characters, I created him when I was like 10 years ago!

2. When I started roleplaying with him, he was three to four years old, now adays he's all gray and 8-10 years old in dog/wolf age :3

3. He was born in a normal wolf family, but was forced to leave the pack when he was only 6 months because of his gloomy red eyes. They were thinking that Ende had a Devil inside him and boy, were they right~!

4. Ende was a Vampire Wolf some time, because I was so in love with Twilight movies. He turned back as himself when the hype got away. He eats dogs mostly, even human. He is very blood thirsty and pups are his most favorite meal :heart:

5. He had few mates also, but he's single nowadays. He's a stray with a huge territory. He also got some pups with one female, but he killed most of them and almost the mother too, he was so mad of becoming a father. :|

6. When Golpear was a year he was captured by human. They got him caged when hungry youngster was trying to get some food. They wanted to tame him and were so fascinated of young skinny, red eyed wolfpup. Ende was thinking other, killed one human when he escaped. That's why he's wearing his leather harness :heart:

7. I've been thinking to draw a comic of Golpear when I get OST finished. He has kinda brutal and dramatic past and I'd like you to know everything about him. People also like him, so why not! :3

8. Once he had a fight with a male Hiisi (see it from Wikipedia). The wolf attacked him wanting to eat him, and the guy shot him many times with his crossbow and arrows. Ende was left with many arrows in him in the snow, but survived. He may still have few arrowhead pieces inside his flesh...


CelestialKiri Cannibal brothers!
Kawppa Kawy!
Mrs-Morko Spoogie!
KiteKraschu Kite!


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